Afforce Healthcare

Adding value to (bio)pharmaceutical business

Our Company

Afforce Healthcare was founded in 2000 by Margot Amoureus, M.Sc. and Edna H.G. Venneker, M.D. and has since serviced a wide range of customers. From very small biotech companies to top ten players in the pharmaceutical field. Their considerate and professional contributions have always been highly valued by their customers. 

Our goal is to add value and meeting your objective in close collaboration with your people.

This close collaboration already starts with preparing the quotation. Right away you will interact and meet with the people who will actually work on the assignment. The quotation will include a definition of the assignment, clear and realistic timelines, objectives to be met and expectations to be fulfilled. Furthermore, it will include a description of the different experts and/or teams that wil be involved in executing your assignment. During the entire period of the assignment you will have one contact person within Afforce Healthcare to ensure smooth communication. Potential deviations of the timelines and achievable objectives will be communicated in an early stage, so that we can jointly decide on adequate actions to ensure that the objectives are still met.