Afforce Healthcare

Adding value to (bio)pharmaceutical business

Senior Partners

Margot Amoureus, M.Sc.

Margot Amoureus obtained her degree in chemistry in 1982 at the free University of Amsterdam. She started her career at Hoffmann-La Roche holding different sales (medical representative), marketing (product manager) and management positions (national sales manager, international marketing director and business unit manager). During this period she gained national and international experience in many different therapeutic areas. She acquired international experience in the position of International Marketing Director at Hoffman-La Roche in Basel, Switzerland leading the marketing department for the direct markets. In her last position with Roche in the Netherlands she successfully set up a Business Unit, responsible for sales and marketing of all CNS, dermatological and cardiovascular drugs. Her professional contributions led to successful launches of different drugs in various therapeutic areas.  Between 1999 and 2000 she was Director Product Development at Pharming Group NV leading a project for the development of a biological drug for the treatment of a congenital neuromuscular disease.
Since the establishment of Afforce Healthcare in 2000 she fulfilled many different national and international project management (drug development), management and marketing assignments in different (bio) pharmaceutical companies. She is described as an exceptional project manager, but also as a superb marketeer and really adds value in this way. In addition, she has a track record of setting up and managing highly professional, multicultural and multidisciplinary, well performing teams. Because of her clear communication, strong interpersonal skills, her trusted approach and ability to build rapport with players both within and outside the organization she also successfully fulfilled the role of liaison manager for different companies within the scope of different licensing deals.  

Edna H.G. Venneker, MD.

Edna Venneker obtained her medical doctor's degree in 1991 at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. She started her career as house officer cardiology at the Lucas hospital in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Hereafter she became responsible for the initiation, execution and reporting of phase II and Ill clinical trials studying new cardiovascular drugs and cardiovascular imaging agents at several academic institutions. In 1994 she joined Yamanouchi Europe Headquarters B.V. in Leiderdorp, The Netherlands (currently Astellas Europe B.V. in Leiden) where she had the overall responsibility for the clinical development of new chemical entities and led the clinical development teams in the field of cardiology, oncology, dermatology and gynaecology. In 1998 she became Director Clinical Development with Pharming Group N.V. in Leiden. The Netherlands, being responsible for the global clinical development of all new biological entities, among which orphan drugs for the treatment of congenital neuromuscular diseases. Besides her management tasks she has been responsible for setting up systems for CRO management, budgeting of clinical development and building infrastructure for clinical development including a quality management system. Her considerate and highly professional contributions in designing, planning and execution of the clinical development of various chemical and biological entities resulted in successful filings in Europe and the US.